I work as a Product Designer to solve real problems. My main motivation is to create products with simplicity to help people achieve their goals.


Tarik Malagoli

Product Designer

Tarik Lins | UX Designer

Hello, I’m Tarik Lins, a product designer with significant experience in creating and enhancing products.

Currently, I work as a contractor on end-to-end projects for both web and mobile platforms. Each project is a challenge that motivates me to improve my skills and acquire new techniques. I have previously collaborated on projects related to SaaS, e-commerce, websites, and apps.

As a designer, three principles guide my work:

  1. Simplicity: I strive to make things clearer and more user-friendly.

  2. User-Centered Design: I always design with the user’s needs in mind.

  3. Business Strategy: I believe that design is not limited to screens. It is about achieving results, goals and profit.

These principles shape my approach to design and contribute to the success of each project I undertake.

I´m a T-shapped Designer

A T-shaped designer is a specialist who also has a lot of capabilities in other areas.

My speciallity is Visual Design but I´m able to code, prototype, do ux research, work with animation and more.

Matriz - Cajuru/SP

Rua Tristão José de Carvalho, 476 – Centro | Cajuru/SP – CEP 14240-000

(16) 3667-4466

(16) 99405-8008

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