Contrata Fácil

Contrata Fácil

It is a PLATFORM for recruiters and an APP where the candidate carries out the entire application and contract signing process.

The Challenge

Streamline the process of hiring temporary labor and centralize all information for the recruiter.

My Role

I managed the project and acted as an UX Designer
Clients: RGIS Brazil / Zafer HR   |   Year: 2021/2022

My role

As the project manager and designer, my responsibilities included hiring a programmer, setting up the tasks, and overseeing the project from start to finish to ensure that it was completed within the established deadline.


What is Contrata Fácil?

It is an innovative application that speeds up the process of hiring temporary labor through a platform that simplifies communication with the candidate, allowing him to send all the necessary data and digitally sign the documents directly on their cell phone.

This application/platform was designed to meet a partnership made between the company RGIS, one of the largest inventory companies in the world, and the recruitment company Zafer.

Design Process

For this project, I understood that the Design Thinking approach would help to achieve our goals. Design Thinking is a design methodology that is used for solving design problems using human-centric techniques. It allows us to provide creative and effective solutions to it by empathizing with the user.

design thinking method


Searching and gathering information about the business and users


About RGIS

The world’s largest inventory company. Currently services more than 1.400 inventories per day for companies of all segments and sizes.

About Zafer Human Resources

Zafer is an outsourced company that performs continuous hiring of temporary labor for the company RGIS. To meet a large demand for hiring, Zafer has HR partners across Brazil for hiring distant employees.

Process of Hiring Temporary employment


In Brazil, per month, more than 1.000 temporary employees are hired by RGIS.

The workers make Inventory counts where each item in stores is counted and recorded. They can work for days, weeks or months.

RGIS emproyee
Temporary RGIS employee scanning products in the shelf

Understanding the problem

The hiring process was carried out in a rudimentary way through a spreadsheet, where the recruiters and candidates performed several decentralized procedures such as: filling out an online form, sending separate documentation by email, print the employment contract, among others. This took a lot of time for both the candidate and the recruiter.

The Kickoff

Knowing the current process

Before starting the project, I conducted an interview with the recruiters of Zafer and the managers of RGIS to understand all the difficulties in the hiring process, in addition to learning how the flow of hiring candidates should work.

Some key questions were asked to discover the real problems:

– How is the recruitment process currently carried out?
– What is the main difficulty in the hiring process using the current process?
– How do you control candidate data/documents?
– How many candidates are hired monthly?
– Are there well-defined criteria for hiring the candidate?
– Can you tell me about the main problems in hiring manpower?
– What are the criteria for hiring temporary labor?
– How long does the entire hiring process take?

After collecting a lot of information, I delved deeper to understand how the process works for users and understand their challenges.


Collecting and categorize information from the Empathize phase

Main findings

After all this discovery, I understood how the entire hiring process worked and both Zafer and RGIS, who explained the main difficulties in the labor hiring process.

Key Findings:
The process is time consuming
Both the recruiter and the candidate spend a lot of time with the current process.

Many steps are done in different environments with each hire. Registration is filled out in one environment, documents are sent in another, the signing of the employment contract is manual, and all this generates a lot of delays.

Average time for candidate recruitment: 2 to 4 days.
Business rules are important

There are several rules for applying for the candidate. For example:

– The candidate can only be hired again after completing 180 days of the last hiring.
– Job contracts are different depending if the candidate will work on a daily, weekly, or monthly periods.

Centralized view for the recruiter

As hiring has several steps, recruiters had a blind spot during the process as they did not know which stage of the process the candidate was at.

Furthermore, they do not have an interface where all candidates, documents and contracts are quickly accessible.

Candidate can be hired multiple times
As many positions are for temporary labor, that is, the same candidate could be rehired several times. On each rehiring, he had to redo the entire process of registering and sending documentation, generating a rework with each new application for the job.
Activity monitoring (logs)
As we are dealing with labor data, it is important to save through logs all steps taken by users of the proposed solution. This can avoid future lawsuits from candidates against the company.


After all these learnings, we came to the conclusion that for the process to be more agile and efficient, we should create:

For the Recruiter: PLATFORM

Creation of a platform where recruiters would have a complete view of candidates, the status of their hiring process from start to finish and that would gather all their documentation (registration, documents and signed contracts).

For the Candidate: APPLICATION

Development of the Contrata Fácil application where the candidate could register, send the documentation and follow the hiring process in real time.

How does success look like?

Before creating a solution, it is important to define what goals we want to achieve. We will know that the objectives have been achieved if:
Agility for the candidate to apply for the job
To reduce candidate recruitment time and steps.

Control for the recruiter
Interface where the recruiter can see all candidates, documents and contracts in the same environment.

Savings for the company (RGIS/Zafer)
The current process generates a cost for the two companies of approximately R$ 130,00/candidate (Brazilian reais).

Problems to solve

pain points


To design an user-centered solution, I created two personas that represents the users. This is essential to have more empathy and connection with the audience.

contrata facil - personas


Time to ideates solutions (there are no silly or wrong ideas)

Mind Map

Connecting the dots

After gathering a lot of information, I created a mind map of the structure to get a clear picture of the project. The objectives for creating this map are: to identify possible adjustments and to present a complete vision of the project to all involved.
Contrata Fácil APP Mind Map

User's Flow

The next step was to create a user flow to visualize all the points of contact between recruiters and candidates, and understand how the exchange of information would be between them. It is important for three reasons:

– They communicate product goals and plans to stakeholders.
– Speed development and reduce errors.
– Promote user-centered design.

Contrata Fácil User Jorney

The above user’s flow was validated with the team and stakeholders, leading me to jump to the prototype phase.


Something tangible needs to be created (this will allow me to verify my idea in real life)

the application


The next step was to bring clarity to the app flow from my mind to the paper.
Low Wireframes Contrata Fácil
low-fidelity wireframe
After this, I thought it was important to create a mid-fidelity wireframe because we were able to validate it with the HR team and candidates. After the tests, I made some improvements and adjusts to keep on with the final interface.
Low Wireframes Contrata Fácil
mid-fidelity wireframe


Verifying my idea in real life with actual users

User Interface

After the final validation of the wireframes, I finalized the creation of the visual interface by developing all the application’s screens and navigation.

Contrata Fácil - Splashpage
Contrata Fácil - Intro


Goal accomplished!

Some details about the interface:

After the recruiter performs a pre-registration, the candidate receives an email with a unique code. This code has specific information such as the worker’s place of work, type of contract, numerical control and year of contract.

By inserting the code, the candidate will be able to start the process of registering data, sending documents and signing the contract.

The design decisions were based on some Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics, as I explain above:

Contrata Fácil - Intro

#1: Visibility of system status

The design should always keep users informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback

Before starting, users are informed about the steps they will pass through. This is important to give them a preview of what they will need to do.

#3: User control and freedom

Users often perform actions by mistake. When it’s easy for people to back out of a process or undo an action, it fosters a sense of freedom and confidence.

I inserted a note informing the process is saved automatically, which means users can start filling out now, close the app, and keep on later. This element brings a feeling of trust, because if the app was closed accidentally, they will not lose the information.

The Recruitment Platform

Remembering the problem

Centralized control of all information and recruitment made of candidates was a major challenge for recruiters. Spreadsheets, emails, documents and other information were often lost or difficult to access when they needed specific data quickly.


Facilitate candidate search, recruitment process and candidate documents.

Applications status
Application status overview
Application rule
Indicates whether the candidate is suitable or not suitable for the job
Only with the complete registration can the candidate proceed to the signing of the contract.
The candidate has a real-time view of what stage of hiring the candidate is in.
Each hiring request has a unique code where it gathers specific information about the application.
Terms, Agreement, Addendum and Medical Examination are viewed in this area.
Each item in this list shows an application (hire) made by the candidate and their status.
Total control
Here the recruiter has 1-click access to: candidate status, registration data, documents, contacts, creation of new requisitions and logs.
In this area, the candidate's documents are checked and can be approved or disapproved.
History of all actions performed by the candidate in the application for auditing purposes.
The registration or editing of jobs is managed in this area.


For better organization and agility of work, we have divided all project stages into weekly sprints:

The Results and metrics

Data were collected from the beginning of use of the platform/application between 2020 and 2022.

Contracts Signed via Contrata Fácil
Real economy
Access to the Portal and App

Since 2022, 100% process is being done through the app

Next steps

Next steps

What are the goals for the future?

– Improve UI
– RGIS hiring system based on the same app and platform
– News features on the platform
– Commercialize the system to other players

Conclusion and lessons learned

What did I solve in this project?

I was able to manage the project and the same time act as a UX Designer by creating a clear vision of how the system would function. As a result, we achieved all the initial goals for the project.

What was the biggest learning experience?

Initially the project seemed very simple. However, many rules and particularities emerged throughout the project that made it very complex and special. The great learning was that the alignment of all those involved, good organization and constant communication were essential for the creation of a platform and application that facilitates the lives of users from both ends, the recruiter and the job candidate.

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